Council for Culture

Project description

In an official advice on the future of public broadcasting in the Netherlands, CleverLions Erik van Heeswijk was chairing the focus group on innovation for the Council of Culture.

The question was how innovation could be used for a public broadcasting system to meet their goals, distributing content and especially reaching a younger audience.

Other members of the group: Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm (Brandeis), Bruno Felix (Submarine), Malika el Ayadi (HU), Bart Brouwers (TMG), Jelle-Jan Bruinsma (Google), Manuel Kohnstamm (Liberty Global/UPC), Geleyn Meijer (HVA), Marleen Stikker (DeWaag) and Taco Zimmerman (Tuvalu).

The process ended the 1th of december with an rapport.

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