About us

Who We Are ?

CleverLions is a young Dutch company, it started December 2013. But that doesn’t mean that there is little experience. On the contrary, CleverLions brings together people that earned their stripes in the field of online communication and strategy.

Our core expertise is in content strategy, content delivery and content production. On those topics, we are a consultancy firm, a tech startup and an inspirator.

We believe in the combination of solid advise and very clever technology, that do not only paint a pretty picture, but really deliver results. We have extensive experience in the forefront of digital communication, and have the rolodex to match it. So if we do not have the answer to your question, chances are, we know who will.

Our starting point is not the website or the app, but the brand, the mission and the audience behavior. We take it from there.


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How We Do

Our Company Mission

For broadcasters, journalists and content marketeers, the web has fragmented audiences and made it hard to talk to them. We simple want to solve that problem once and for all…

Success Stories

You are as good as your latest project. That’s why we want you to contact us, and hear what we have meant to people and brands. I assure you, our input matters. A lot.

Our Approach

We come with a lot of experience, but we don’t lecture. We believe in a combination of conversation, inspiration, hard numbers and technology.

Our Solutions

CleverLions is a combination of a consultancy company, a research institute and a tech startup. You can contact us about these three functions or any combination.

Company Culture

We like fun but are unambiguous as conclusions and actions are concerned. We are hardened in the creative business atmosphere of commercial and public media. We like the combination of theory and practice and tend to be very passionate about discussing our ideas.

Our Skill

Content Strategy


Content Marketing


Social Media




Meet The Team

Erik van Heeswijk
Rutger Verhoeven
Peter Ruijter