Rutger Verhoeven joins CleverLions

Rutger Verhoeven joins CleverLions


Rutger Verhoeven

Rutger Verhoeven joins Cleverlions on the first of april 2015. He will be co-founder, and Chief Creative Officer and in joined lead with Erik van Heeswijk. This step means that he will step down as Chief Digital at the broadcaster BNN-VARA.

Erik van Heeswijk is very proud of this next step: ”I knew Rutger well in my former job as Chief Digital at VPRO, and he played an important part as advisor at CleverLions. Now he will shape the future of the company, both the startup and the consultancy firm.”

Rutger Verhoeven says he is very proud of his work at public broadcasting, but it is time for the next step: “It is exciting to think of the next paradigm of content strategy at CleverLions.”

(Rutger Verhoeven – Linked-In)

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