CleverLions coordinates datastrategy NPO

CleverLions coordinates datastrategy NPO

NPO, Dutch Public Broadcasting, asked CleverLions to coordinate their data strategy. The broadcasters will structure data, ICT and knowledge to become more personal to their audience.

Consumers expect mediaplatforms to understand them. They want focused recommendations, personal features and smart functionality.
CleverLions delivered a rapport on the NPO usecases and technology and will assist on further research and implementation. All initiatives of current broadcasters will be reviewed in the process.

Erik van Heeswijk, CEO of CleverLions: “this is a great project. There is a lot of data and knowledge in Hilversum, and if we join forces, impact will be huge.” Egon Verharen of NPO DDU: “it is challenging to design how public broadcasters can have a more personal connection to the audience.

CleverLions is also glad to announce that it will have Laurens de Knijff on the team. Laurens is an experienced project manager, and specialises on media, scrum and personalisation.

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